Why Choose the Russet Burbank Potatoes of GPOD

Canyon Sales Company LLC trusts only the highest quality of potatoes GPOD has to offer. The soil of Idaho has the right composition to produce the perfect Russet Burbank potatoes. That is why GPOD has created a reputation of being Idaho’s leading quality shipper of potatoes.


Quality Assurance

In the potato industry, when you hear GPOD, quality always comes to mind. Their team ensures all the products they ship are of the highest quality all the time. Right from planting until shipment, GPOD is highly regarded for its standards and processes.

GPOD has established superior agricultural methods while carefully and consistently sampling their products from planting until harvesting. The potatoes are sized, graded, and put through a five-point inspection before reaching the USDA final inspection. Aside from that, our third party inspection service Primus GFS quality audits every season, and GPOD has always scored an excellent to superior rating.