We Represent The Very Best Growers and Shippers Year Round

For more than 40 years, our team has been successfully delivering the freshest potatoes and onions from farms spanning across the entire United States. Our full year programs move from region to region providing the very best in quality, keeping you and your customers in the freshest and best produce.

Canyon Sales Company LLC is the exclusive Northeast Sales Representative of GPOD of Idaho, Idaho’s number-one quality shipper of Russet Burbank potatoes. For more than 40 years, GPOD has worked with its farmers to establish good agricultural practices while carefully and consistently sampling crops throughout the growing season and during storage. At GPOD, potatoes are sized and graded by trained employees at more than five inspection points before reaching the final inspection by the USDA.

Monthly walk-through inspections examine everything from the lunchroom to maintenance, work flow, and employee training.  With these measures in place and the company’s commitment to quality, you can rest assured that your potatoes from GPOD of Idaho will be the best Russet Burbank potatoes that Idaho has to offer.  Our GPOD of Idaho potato program ships From September to August.

Canyon Sales Company LLC ships Red, White and Yellow potatoes all year long from the very best farms and packing shed operations in the country.

August to November:      Red Potatoes out of Big Lake, Minnesota

September to February:  Red, White and Gold Potatoes out of Washington

February to June:              Red, White and Gold Potatoes out of Florida

June to September:          Red, White and Gold Potatoes out of multiple regions in California

50lb Carton, 50lb Bag, 10/5lb Poly, 5/10lb Poly

A,B,C (creamer), Premiums

Canyon Sales Company LLC prides itself on being able to keep you in the very best when it comes to onions all year long.

Whatever your onion needs, we have the proper onion for you all year long.  We ship premium labels and partner with the largest onion producer and distributor in the country.  Our programs on the West Coast move from the Northwest (Idaho, Oregon Washington) in September through May, to California during the months of June through September

Our onion program features the very best in Red, White, Yellow, Sweet, and Vidalia onions.

50lb bag, 25lb bag, 2/3/5/10 Consumer Packs, Bulk totes, 40lb Cartons

Colossal, Jumbo, Medium, Prepack

Canyon Sales Company LLC provides its customers with carrots across North America year round and Israeli Carrots from March through July.

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